Rape Suspect Sacked From Top AFL Post

The Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) High Command has relieved Lieutenant Colonel Nyankun E. Williams of his post as Commandant of the Armed Forces Training Command (AFTC) on allegation of rape.

The AFL High Command has forwarded Lieutenant Colonel Williams to the Military Police to face investigation. AFL said the Military Police will conclude said investigation on 10 May 2021, and submit its findings to the AFL High Command for further actions.

On April 26, 2021, Sergeant Obento Roberts, presently serving the United Nations Peacekeeping Missions in Mali, formally complained Lieutenant Colonel Nyankun E. Williams of having sexual intercourse with his 16 years old daughter.

Sergeant Roberts also complained that Lt. Col. Williams has been influencing his daughter identified as Kertuerah Amuchin Roberts with alcohol and money to have sex with her.

Victim’s father quoted his daughter as saying that she had tried to inform him but was afraid because alleged perpetrator has a long knife he used to threaten about an attempt to tell anyone. He added that on some occasions Lt. Col. Williams would put his daughter on his vehicle for a trip to Camp Todee.

“Sir, my daughter is underage and needs to be protected by the law. She told me in November 2020 that he invited her to his place in Camp Ware to wash but he told her that he never had any clothes, but just wanted her to sit with him. In that process, he started to use his finger in her vaginal. She also told me that on many occasions, he used her for sex. I talked with my wife (overseas), my relatives and others about this issue and I am seeking that the law will prevail,” Sergeant Roberts stated in his letter of complaint addressed to AFL Chief of Staff, Major General Prince C. Johnson, III.

Meanwhile, Sergeant Roberts, father of the victim,  has been recalled from the peacekeeping mission in Timbuktu, Mali to aid the Military Police in the investigation.

The AFL High Command assures the public that all recommendations emanating from the investigation will be fully executed.

In the wake of rape saga, the AFL has also assured the public that it remains a “Force for Good,” and will not tolerate any act that has the propensity to undermine the integrity of the Armed Forces of Liberia.

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