Redundant Bridge Int’l employees celebrate heroic reinstatement proposal from House of Representatives

The House of Representatives Thursday instructed the Ministry of Labour to communicate with both plenary and Bridge International management over rehiring redundant employees which was not done in conformity with the labor laws of Liberia.

Speaker Bhofal Chambers said the MoL should work out the basic labor modalities in sorting the impasse within two weeks.

Labor Minister, Moses Kollie who took Legislative stand Thursday said it was a waste of time for the honorable members to call Bridge as they were already in violation for failing to follow basic required standards laid down for redundancy under Liberian laws.

He said his Ministry was neither informed nor did it meet his acquiesce for the foreign company to redundant seventeen Liberian employees.

Speaking further, Education Minister, Prof. D. Ansu Sonii expressed complete disappointment in Bridge action and said for same issues and misbehavior of ex Country Director, Griffin Asigo he was compelled to have Bridge HQ terminate him to have sanity returned to the Liberian program.

The MoE boss said until Bridge can sort out their issues and solve prevailing situations including hiring a Liberian Country Director, they won’t be allowed to operate in the country.

Thursday’s summon was predicated upon a communication from Grand Bassa Representative Thomas Goshua who prayed plenary’s indulgence to bring the management of Bridge to answer why they redundant seventeen persons without labor standards in these harsh economic times of the country.

Motion by Rep. Johnson Gwaikolo Chair on Education brought the issue to rest as Labor Ministry now is asked to handle the rest of the details leading to reinstatement.

Rep. Gwaikolo himself expressed disappointment in former Country Director Griffin Asigo, a Kenyan national, calling him ‘Arrogant.’

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