Redundant employees go amok at Bridge International Liberia offices

Educational brand, Bridge International Academies, Liberia’s offices was shut down Thursday in Monrovia due to actions from disenchanted, redundant employees.

The employees went amok following a massive redundancy by the company of seventeen of them without settling them till date.

Reports have it that the company failed to inform the Ministry of Labor on their planned action which has made work uneasy at the company.

To add insult to injury, the company has since placed up vacancies for all the redundant employees without giving them first priority as called for by the Labor Laws of Liberia.

Many employees point accusing fingers at former Country Director Griffin Asigo, a Kenyan national who according to them sits at the entity’s offices in Kenyan directing things since he was removed from the Liberian program.

Most of the employees being redundant had in the earlier stages of the COVID19 rejected a 10% take home scheme initiated by the company. The Ministry of Labor however reversed the decision which infuriated Director Asigo.

‘This is a complete witch hunt by the former Country Director to wipe out an entire department that only requested for their just earnings when the 10% scheme was initiated’ stated Andrew Kuwon who spoke to journalists Thursday.

Asigo is reportedly signing vouchers, calling legislators and running the company from the back in total disrespect to authorities at the Ministry of Education who have since been informed that Asigo no longer heads the Liberian program.

Shannon May, Bridge international owner in a mail sent to employees of the company, which Whistleblower has in its possession has levelled praises at Asigo’s performance in Liberia and offered him a new role in Kenya.

Griffin’s performance in Liberia was marred by illegal dismissals, disrespect to Liberia and reported office romance carried in several dailies.

One of the ladies linked to the romance, Corina Totimeh Wornee, a nurse hired as Director of Schools has since sued some journalists in Monrovia for a whopping 1.5 million damage.

Labor Ministry has since dispatched a team of investigators at Bridge offices while at the same time the House of Representatives is expected to launch an investigation as well.

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