Rep. CB Barshell’s school ransacked and equipment taken by armed men

In pic: Rep. Barshell inaugurates student government at Kings and Queens International, ELWA

At a special oration delivered at the Kings and Queens International School, Dist 3 lawmaker, CB Barshell lamented that his school was recently ransacked by armed men.

He named one of the individuals as Amandu Bilitywhom he said also with his accomplices took away several valuables belonging to the school for what they term as the gates lying in the alley.

Amadu is said to be an official of the Ministry of Public Works of the Republic.

Hon. Barshell however called on the Ministry of Education and Justice to handle the matter expeditiously as that action has impeded better learning atmosphere at the school.

The Legislature however called on the Public Works official to write a letter of apology and place same in three dailies for said act.

Barshell’s Thinker Village school is amongst his chain of educational facilities across the country; a university and technical college is amongst his chain of investments.

At the Kings and Queens inauguration Hon. Barshell donated sixty thousand Liberian dollars towards health and sanitation and governance and promised to do more.

He encouraged parents and teachers and the student government to serve with integrity, utmost regards for others and continuous engagement with each other.

He said only with these will we have a stronger country and government, strating from the grassroots.

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