Rep. Yekeh Kolubah’s Suspension For Rudeness On Hold

Controversial District 10 lawmaker, Yekeh Kolubah’s suspension Thursday on Capitol Hill will not take effect until a motion for reconsideration is looked into.

The House suspended the Montserrado lawmaker for thirty days sitting which amounts to approximately four months for Yekeh to go without salaries and showing on the grounds of the Capitol.

Yekeh reportedly insulted President George Weah which prompted a communication from Rep. Thomas Fallah of Montserrado to ask the House to investigate him.

Rep. Fallah said it is disturbing that his colleagues is always going below the belt by insulting the head of state and wanted to call him out now!

Several lawmakers considered Rep. Kolubah’s continuous insult of the president and the Speaker as a disrespect to the highest office of the land and call for stern measure to curtail the action.

His colleagues said the sacredness of the Presidency needs to be respected but Yekeh’s unruly behavior was creating a hindrance.

Rep. Acarous Gray however filed a motion for reconsideration which is expected to be looked into following the Easter break. With this Yekeh temporarily remains a free man until the House’s return from Easter.

This is not the first time the house is trying to reprimand Rep. Kolubah’s action and it’s unlikely if anything will come out of the current situation.

With the suspension on hold, it is expected that serious lobbying will ensue to ensure he doesn’t get officially suspended.

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