Representative Hopeful Bealded’s Free BUILD VOCATIONAL SCHOOL Attracts Thousands During First Week Of Registration

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The Chief Executive Officer of the Bealded United Initiative for Lasting Development (BUILD) has announced a huge turnout for registration at his BUILD VOCATIONAL SCHOOL project in Buchanan City.

Togar Alexander Bealded said at least one-thousand, ninety-five persons registered for courses in the first week of the registration exercise; expressing his excitement on social media.

He praised Administrator, Mrs. Yuto Diggs Tiklo for what he called a remarkable job done at the two campuses at ACASS School behind Hope Kindergarten and Seed Faith School on Preston Street.

Huge enrollment according to the BUILD Leader is in Driving followed by Cosmetology (Hair making) amongst others.

Togar Alexander Bealded praised the people of Bassa who have taken up time to learn some skills in various disciplines to be able to feed themselves in the absence of a job.

He said this is a way of showcasing his job creation strategy where people can get to work in the absence of jobs in the country.

The vocational school will train people in soap making, tye and dye, computer science, tailoring etc and is expected to run every three months.

At the same time the BUILD leader has left the country for a full month to Ghana, Ethiopia and China for interactions, business meetings and engagements for the development of Bassa, his office has said.

A second and final week of registration commences Monday, 14th November 2022.

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