Returnee Network Pleads For Liberians Stranded Abroad

The Executive Director of the Liberia Returnee Network is calling on Liberians, government ministries and agencies including local and international organizations to assist Liberians who are stranded in exile to come home.

According to E. Tyrone Marshall, more than 10,000 Liberians have been stranded in Guinea, Ghana and Nigeria as the result of the civil war in Liberia.

He noted that most of the Liberians who fled the country as a result of the civil war in 1990 to seek refuge in foreign countries have grown older without connection to relatives or family members back home.

He stated that the Liberia Returnee Network has been advocating to ensure that they return home, but he quoted some as saying that they do not have relatives or friends to come to back home. He also quoted some of the stranded Liberians as claiming that the Liberian Government does not has any program yet for individuals who have been seeking refuge in exile over the years .

Marshall is therefore soliciting assistance from Liberians and international organizations in kinds and cash to facilitate the availability of homes and little packages for their return back home.

He described the situation of Liberians in exile as terrible and stressed that if they can get the needed assistance to come home, it will go a long way to transform their conditions.

He asserted that some of the exiled Liberians were teenagers when they left with their parents for foreign lands, but unfortunately he stated that their parents died and they now have no link with relatives over the years, thereby not knowing how to come back home.

Marshall went on to stress that if kind hearted individuals can make building materials available with other useful items to provide decent homes, it will facilitate the process for most of the exiled citizens to come back home.

Meanwhile, he expressed thanks and appreciations to Liberians for showing positive reception by helping other Liberians who fled for refuge in exile.


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