Robert Clarke, Man In The Middle of Alleged Car Theft Breaks Silence

Robert Clarke, the man embroil with allegation of a stolen white Toyota Pickup truck belonging to European Railroads Established Services (ERES)— a French company in Liberia has broken silence since Whistleblower broke the news a few days ago.

In a statement published on a blog, SPOTLIGHT AFRICA  Mr. Clarke said the accusation is a ploy to have him handcuffed and paraded in the streets of Monrovia by higher-ups, though refuted by his accuser, that he remains on the run.

‘This a not-so-clever set up to have me “handcuffed, paraded in the streets, mugshot taken and same shared on all blogs and other social media,’ he stated.

Robert Clarke is brother to Romeo Clarke, Special Assistant to Justice Minister Musa Dean who has reportedly been shielding his brother from answering questions at the LNP.

In his statement, Robert said the white pickup truck marked ERES1 has been retrieved by the police at a local garage in Congo Town where the accomplices must have parked it, a claim Eric Filor Nagbe who complained Mr. Clarke has refuted.

‘While the referenced police report in the article confirms the confession of the two (2) accomplices to be the drivers of the blue car, it did, however, fail to inform the public that the Toyota pick-up in question was retrieved by the police at a local garage in Congo Town where the accomplices claimed to have parked it. Why was the information omitted when witnesses in the area confirmed the actors’ testimonies according to the aforementioned article? Was this car stolen in the first place,’ said Robert Clarke in his article.

Eric maintains that Robert Clarke remains at large and police are seeking him to come and answer the whereabouts of the missing vehicle which he was requested by his company to leave in Eric’s care.

Mr. Nagbe narrated in his complaint to the Liberian National Police that Robert Clarke’s company had relieved him of his post and asked him to leave his assigned vehicle in Eric’s care which he did but had taken a spare key and removed the vehicle without the consent of Eric.

Eric Nagbe at the same time alleges that Robert Clarke is behind the incident and has since asked the police to call him in for questioning as accomplices were already speaking to the police.

A CCTV camera at the premises where the car was parked found out another car (Blue KIA) had driven by, got in and drove away. The individual in said vehicle is currently with the police and complying. Call logs of the individual point to an interaction with Robert Clarke on the fateful day the car was stolen.

Since then the whereabouts of Robert remains unknown and the vehicle never retrieved though Clarke calls pursuing him ‘Nightmare for both my family and me. And that is not because it exposed my reputation and character to public ridicule, but rather because my life is at stake. I have come in response to the allegations made against me by Eric Filor Nagbe.’

Investigation continues…

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