Sam Jackson labels opposition as relics from past failed administrations; endorses Weah second term bid

Sam Jackson, seasoned Liberian economist  has finally endorsed the second term bid of George Weah.

The over 40 years experienced development expert has worked with several governments spanning from William R. Tolbert.

On his social media feed he posted ‘I am endorsing the 2023 presidential aspirations of George Manneh Weah.My support to his candidacy is etched in stone. I don’t expect anything in return.’

Mr. Jackson said he supports continuity knowing the  Weah Presidency is not flawless but because it represents the aspirations of millions of Liberians who yearn for a transition to a younger generation and is a composition of grass roots efforts that he has supported in the past.

The former opposition strong man labelled the opposition as a group ‘Mostly by relics from past failed administrations and the old order.’

He vowed to constructively engage the Weah Administration to help acheive the goal of overcoming development challenges.

The opposition has not taken his statement likely, the leader of the Council of Patriots, Henry Costa called him insignificant.

Jackson has been in Liberia after flying in from South Africa and has maintained that he wants no job from the Weah government though speculations have it that a consultancy awaits him at the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning.

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