Sen. Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence Must Apologize To The Senate And Stop Saving Face With Suspension of Daniel Sando

The Chair of the CPP Tuesday suspended her Administrative Assistant of her office for allegations he made against the Liberian Senate.

Daniel Sando alleged that each senator that gave consent  for the printing of new bank notes received a whooping twenty thousand USD to pass the document.

This reported inducement as alleged by an insider of the senate warrants major investigation but on the contrary, the Senator responsible for Rules, Order and Administration, took a decision on the contrary.

In her letter to her AA, she stated ‘On Tuesday April 6, 2021, you were interviewed on Fabric FM 101.1, during the interview, you alleged among other things that some members of the Liberian Senate, particularly senators who signed the resolution for the printing of new Liberian dollars banknotes received twenty thousand (20,000.00) United States dollars each as inducement from the Executive.’

The Grand Bassa Senator who is one of the very critical persons of the government and refused to sign the resolution said as a member of the Liberian Senate she remains deeply troubled by what she termed ‘Unfounded allegations against my colleagues.’

Her letter to Daniel Sando who is also Chair for Press and Propaganda of Liberty Party continued ‘Henceforth, you are hereby suspended as Administrative Assistant in my office for the period of one month beginning April 6, 2021 to May 6, 2021. During the period of your suspension, you will not be entitled to salary.’

How can the Senator consider her Administrative Assistant’s statement ‘Unfounded’ when she and her colleague even after majority decision to pass on the printing of new bank notes maintained their colleagues’ decision isn’t in the best interest of the Liberian people.

The Senator must be behind her staff allegation but is only covering up what has turned out to be an embarrassing statement from within her circles.

Daniel Sando is one of the Senator’s trusted confidantes and we doubt she won’t have sanctioned such comments of an employee so closed to her chest.

We call on the Senator to go beyond suspending Sando which we doubt, and apologize to her colleagues as an office of Grand Bassa which she occupies and stop the game play.

This attitude of bringing the entire Legislature into public disrepute only to appease a few gullible supporters has got to stop to restore sanity.

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