Sen. Saah Joseph accuses Dillon of receiving 10k USD for medical in the wake of dire health crisis

Montserrado Senator Saah Joseph has given a startling revelation that CPP candidate, Sen. Abraham Darius Dillon has received ten thousand USD as medical allowance from the Liberian Senate in the wake of the country’s deplorable health situation.

The Thomas Fallah’s campaign chair, himself a senator said he was announcing this to showcase Dillon’s deception ahead of the midterm senatorial election.

Phoning into OK FM afternoon conversation, the Montserrado Senator said it is disheartening that a man who professes to be lover of the people will receive such huge money in personal health benefit when hospitals are in dire need.

Quizzed as to how he (Saah Joseph) used his 10k, the senator said he has brought in huge consignment of medical supplies and equipment including a medical van for the citizens.

The Montserrado lawmaker also announced that Dillon received additional 10k USD for extra sitting to maintain Legislators for cutting short their constituency break.

Sen. Dillon is yet to react to the allegations from his colleague who has also announced that he has receipts and other documents to proof his accusations.

Sen. Dillon is highly respected in several corridors for his ‘honesty and integrity’ but these exposures on the heels of a crucial election could cost him politically.

Liberia’s health system is in deplorable condition while lawmakers dish amongst themselves huge sums in medical benefits.

Political pundits believe instead of personal allowances in these sums, medical benefits as such should rather go towards developing the health system to afford everyone an opportunity to better health care.

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