Senate Terminates Daniel Sando For ‘Unsubstantiated Allegation’ But He Sharply Reacts

Daniel Sando, Liberty Party Executive and Assistant in the office of Grand Bassa County Senator Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence has been relieved of his job.

The decision was reached following an investigation into allegations he made concerning Senators taking bribe.

Senate Protempore, Albert Chief, made the pronouncement at a news conference in Monrovia Tuesday after regular Senate Session.

Sando alleged amongst many things that Senators received twenty thousand USD each as an inducement to hurriedly pass a law seeking the printing of new bank notes.

His boss, Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence however suspended him for a month but the Senate also commenced an investigation into his allegations immediately.

Sando has however sharply reacted to the Senate’s decision to terminate his services.

In a social media post late Tuesday, the LP Executive said ‘Bonehead Albert T. Chie is shielding notorious warlords and common criminals at the Senate. Instead of focusing on that, he wants to dismiss a man he didn’t employ. Nonsense!’

The debate has since began on social media amongst political pundits if the Senate has the powers to terminate a personal employee of another colleague.

However history has proven that the Senate can persuade or request members to act on their employees: Dillon and Sen. Jewel Howard Taylor or Protem Nyenabo and his Press Secretary amongst others.


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