Simeon Freeman Takes Aim At Electorates

The Political Leader of the Movement for Progressives Change (MPC), businessman Simeon Freeman has taken aim at Liberian electorates for being habitual in electing individuals for public offices on the basis of money.

Freeman, launching his latest attack during an induction ceremony of officers of a local group called Team Curtis at the weekend, pointed out that Liberian voters are known for voting politicians who exhibit affluence temporarily but with no policies and traceable track record.

The businessman-turned politician declared that a number of voters usually refer to politicians as “TALK and DO” as a result of the cash such individuals throw around during campaign seasons.

He went on to warn local electorates against repeating  mistakes of the past, otherwise he said come the 2023 elections, they would continue to cry about residing in abandoned districts.

Meanwhile, for his part, George Norman, as leader of Team Curtis, lauded the efforts of members of the group since the loss of the late George V. Curtis, who served as City Mayor of Brewerville.

Norman then warned individuals within Electoral District Number 17 with ambitions for the 2023 elections to double up as he said Team Curtis will play a key role in the politics of the constituency, adding that the group will set a high agenda for 2023.

Team Curtis is a political movement established in 2014 to ensure that the late Curtis was elected in 2017 within District 17 but got defeated by current Representative Hanson Kiazolu.

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