SLJ expresses disappointment in Kemayah’s confirmation amidst unresolved sex scandal

The Society of Liberian Journalist has expressed disappointment in Sen. Dan Morias’ Foreign Affairs Committee recommending the confirmation of Dee Maxwell Kemayah, Foreign Affairs Minister designate amidst unresolved sexual harassment scandal.

SLJ’s Executive Director, Octavin Williams said the issue of Kemayah is beyond the Government of Liberia as it borders on the integrity of the entire country.

The group said Madam Wynee Cummings Wilson has got alternative to sue Amb. Kemayah which has the propensity to create more embarrassment for the state and should not be taken lightly.

SLJ said reports that Senate Foreign Affairs Committee Chair, Sen. Dan Morias texted Madam Wilson Sunday to appear for hearing Monday from the USA is worrisome and unreasonable.

‘This leaves us concern that the committee had no intention to adequately investigate the grave issue on alleged sexual harassment,’ a release from the media group said Tuesday.

SLJ urges Senate’s plenary session not to honor the recommendation from its Foreign Relations Committee.

President Weah is advised not to exercise his authority to appoint Amb. Kemayah as Minister of Foreign Affairs should the plenary confirm him to avoid international embarrassment and sexual based stigmatization.

Appointment and confirmation of Kemayah, the media group said will create an impression globally that the Weah led administration ignores SGBV issues which continue to be of global concern in the context of the Sustainable Development Goal.

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