SLJ rubbishes Police Report linking murdered journalist to crime

Narrative surrounding journalist Chris Davis’ passing, portraying him as a petty criminal is classic dishonor to the memory of a journalist who worked for a religious media entity, telling the life stories of people living on the margins of society, the Society of Liberian Journalist has said.

Chris Davis is no more with us to give his account of what happened on that fatal day. Thus the “goat stealing” story as told by the police is for the amusement of the police and does not fly with the SLJ.

The Society of Liberian Journalists (SLJ) is calling for the speedy prosecution of a man who admitted to killing Journalist Chris Davis. Killing is not justification of any crime, the media advocacy group stated.

SLJ is disappointed that the authorities have failed to charge and send to court Davis’ killer, more than 72 hours after the murderer was identified.

While we welcome his arrest, the SLJ concerns itself with a speedy and fair judicial process that will deliver justice to our deceased colleague.

The SLJ says it remembers vividly how journalist Darlington Pelenah was linked to armed robbery by the same Police and had to fight the matter in court which later turned out to be untrue.

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