Sodomy Victim’s Family Decries Delay In Justice

The family of 17-year old Henry Giddings (popularly known as T-Boy) whose tongue was recently sliced by half and allegedly sodomized in the Outland Community, Duport Road is calling on the relevant government authorities including the Liberia National Police (LNP) to ensure that perpetrators of such dreadful act are brought to justice.

T-Boy was on Saturday, February 5, 2022 reportedly discovered by his mother Angeline Peabody and some residents of the community lying unconscious in a pool of blood at about 2:00 AM.

T-Boy was later rushed at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center, where doctors discovered that his tongue was sliced in half and apparently drugged by perpetrators.

Based on information as narrated by the victim’s mother, T-oywas attending the wake-keeping of a relative at which time the incident occurred.

According to her, the lead suspect, Darius Siryon, 25, who is currently in police custody was spotted by eyewitnesses with T-Boy prior to the incident.

Madam Peabody narrated that she was astonished when she heard news of the gruesome mutilation of her son’s tongue in the early morning of Saturday after he had gone to a wake keeping on Friday night, in the Outland Community, Duport Road.

T-Boy, who was taken home by his family following brief medical attention at the JFK Medical Center, could only nod his head when attempted to authenticate whether the act was committed by Darious who some eyewitnesses have also accused of being suspected of homosexuality.

Another eyes witness, Amelia Karngba said everyone in the community knows Darius is a gay. “When he goes to party, he will be tweaking like a woman. That’s why he abused the boy and cut off his tongue,” she alleged.

During preliminary probe conducted by the Liberia National Police, suspect Darius told investigators that on Friday, February 4, 2022 at 1:00AM, he was attacked by three unknown persons while on his way from a wake keeping.

He furthered that they succeeded in taking away his Tecno Pop 5 phone valued at US$120 and his wallet that contained his Liberian citizen ID card plus L$420.

Suspect Darius continued that two of the attackers escaped, while they left victim Henry Giddings in a fist fight with him who later attempted to bite him.

According to the suspect, victim Giddings’ tongue mistakenly entered his mouth and he bit it off.

Digging further, a Facebook profile of the suspect has been uncovered under the name Darius Boytoloveto Siryon.  On the page, the suspect (Darius) was seen in a video post partying with T. Boy (the victim). This therefore suggests that both suspect and victim have come along for a while and as such the explanation provided to the police by the suspect does not corroborate.      

Meanwhile, suspect Darius who has since deactivated his Facebook account, is still in police custody awaiting court trials.

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