SPECIAL STATEMENT: Liberty Party Memorializes Cllr. Brumskine On 71st Birthday, As Party Continues To Uphold CPP FWD He Signed Onto Before His Demise

Monrovia, Liberia, April 27, 2022: Today, we, partisans of the Liberty Party, remember our HERO, FOUNDING FATHER, and VISION BEARER. Today, we memorialize a man whose journey on earth was meaningful, impactful, and remarkable. One who risked his life to ensure good governance, democracy and the rule of law, even for people who only realized this after his passing. Today, many celebrate your memory and the country remembers you as a legal icon and a respecter of the rule of law.

Indeed Boss-man, no one can doubt your knowledge and understanding of the law and you will always be revered for upholding its sanctity as the only remedy for genuine peace and sustainability. No one can doubt your bravery to stand up to any dictatorial regime. Despite the brutal and autocratic leadership of the Taylor administration, you braved the storm by returning to Liberia to answer the compelling call of your people for a leader to speak truth to power.  No one can doubt the consistency of your struggle for real change and you will surely be remembered for your unwavering desire to lead this charge for your people.

But Boss-man, as you were commonly called, today our beloved country also bleeds from the horrible wounds of a total disregard for the rule of law and lack of leadership. Indeed, Liberia has lost an erudite legal luminary and savvy politician.

Today as we memorialize your life, we are left missing a man who committed the Liberty Party to the achievement of an alternate and better governance by signing the Declaration of Intent to form the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP). An astute nationalist who would have never stood by idly and watched his colleagues violate the CPP Framework Document (FD).  A man who would have insisted that the CPP FD is upheld because of his respect for the rule of law. A legal luminary who would have found meaning in living with the consequences of the law, even if it didn’t favor him.  We are left missing a man who would have challenged the judicial system to correct the ongoing chaos between the Minister of Justice, Musa F. Dean and the Solicitor General, Syrenius Cephus. One who would have questioned the Government’s commitment and ability to dispense justice, in a fair and transparent manner, to all Liberians. We are left missing a man who would have remained consistent in making the Weahled Government a oneterm government. One who would have never allowed himself to be used to prolong the suffering of our people by dividing the CPP, especially not through a baseless claim of FD tampering.

Today as we memorialize your life, we hope that you are looking down on us with your blessings, as we traverse the current shaky political landscape in our beloved country. We remember the values of rule of law and justice that you taught and fought for during your life and we promise to ensure its continuity within the Liberty Party and the nation.  

In your own words, “We cannot afford to continue with the illusions of the past against the obvious and plain truth; we can no longer continue to be people who have eyes, but see not; have ears, but hear not. This moment is all about remaking our country, believing that our best days are still ahead.”

And so, rest on Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine! Rest on Boss-man! Liberia is proud of your legal and political accomplishments. Your people and Party are proud of you. You left an impeccable legacy in the fight for justice, rule of law, and democracy in Liberia, and Liberia will always remember you for that.

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