Statement: EFFL Addresses Long Political Silence; Says Liberia Is a Laughter Under Weah

Fellow citizens, On May 26, 2021, we woke up to an article in the Women Voices newspaper with the headline “Where is EFFL”. Without seeking to discuss further the substance and motives of the publication, we will instead attempt to provide detailed information regarding our silence.

Fellow citizens, as you may know, we EFFL are the first known political opposition that stood up against the excesses of governance by Mr. Weah and his criminal regime and we have not changed our collective objectives for which the Institution was founded.

Throughout our campaign for good governance and measures to prevent corruption in the administration of Mr. Weah and his group of state looters, we have come to realization that our system of governance is deeply rooted in a terrible system driven by greed for power, unwarranted acquisition of wealth and lack of sensitivity in managing our Noble state.

We also realized, in our collaborations with other political elements, that many of those who speak out so loudly; do so only for the sake of power and not because they believe in the Liberian people’s desire for reform and transformative leadership that will pave the way to prosperity.

We wish to make it clear that our desire to run in the December 2020 senatorial elections was prematurely aborted simply because we did not obtain full political party status from the National Elections Commission (NEC) in our ongoing registration process as a proposed political party and our President couldn’t contest as Independent candidate because that would have demonstrated our greed for power and lack commitment to EFFL.

Fellow citizens and fighters, after becoming aware of these situations that hinder the implementation of our founding manifesto at political governance level, the Central Revolutionary Council, which is the highest decision-making body of this great Pan-African movement, decided to focus more on completing our registration as a full political party to avoid being a call Pressure Group or being considered as a propaganda machinery for other political oppositions. 

We believe that by becoming a political party, we will have the opportunity to effectively pursue a progressive path that will change the course of history and re-establish our nation as a globally respectable society. As it’s, Liberia is placed at the dark side of Nation building under President George Weah and his group of incompetent officials. President Weah has made our great Nation laughter globally and we citizens are fave with Global embarrassment. What you are currently seeing in Liberia from some friends in the opposition who accused us of being silent should never inspired you to be hopeful because they are in search of power and not the betterment of your future as the political grandstanding and fight for power is already intensifying.

This is the same path the CDC took for 12 years when they were in opposition without presenting a vision for the country, but constantly criticizing the mistakes of the Unity Party as means of buying voters sympathy which they benefited from to become Government. Without certification by the National Elections commission, we are currently the only political party with a clearly written Vision call “The Liberian Dream”. This is the Dream that will lead us to the future we seek collectively.

Our hope is to reform not only the system of governance but also the political system by building a responsible and people sensitive grassroots political party. These reforms to which we are committed will never be possible without political party status because we can’t be outside of the system and hope to reform the system. We regret that in the last few months we have not been aggressive towards President Weah and his group of gangsters who are looting our state; but when you want to achieve a particular goal, you have to stay focused, no matter what.

Fellow citizens, we want to reassure you that we will always remain steadfast, unchanged and uncompromising because the future we believe in is not with the George Weah administration or the CPP or any other political structures in Liberia. The future we believe in is one that assures you of a progressive path to manufacturing and job creation through agricultural development, tourism, a clear anti-corruption agenda, respect for the rule of law and pure democracy. This future is guaranteed only by EFFL and not by any political party. In order to pursue and achieve this future together, we need a radical political party, which we have now created. 

We want to use this medium to announce that EFFL is 97% closer to becoming a full-fledged political party in Liberia. A dream that we have been pursuing for some months in silence. In the next few days, we will complete the registration requirements with the NEC and, hopefully, in the next few weeks, it is expected that the NEC will certify EFFL as a full-fledged political party.

We want to assure you that Lions are back and stronger than ever. Our radical political life-style and patriotic quest for genuine change in Liberia will never be compromised for anything. We want to form an active part of the electoral process in 2023 by contesting available seats in line with our Laws. After completing our requirements within the coming days, we will have a Press conference to officially announce the coming of EFFL as a political party.

In the cause for social justice, accountability and total economic freedom in our life time, the struggle remains unrelieved.

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