STATEMENT: UP Speaks to Mo Ali and Augustina Romance

The Leadership of the Unity Party acknowledges the recent public statement by our National Secretary General, Mr. Mohammed Ali, in response to the recent incident involving him. We recognize that though the circumstance involves the personal relationship of two consenting adults who are in earnest dialogue to resolve the issue, it has a significant impact on the image of a Party that champions women’s rights and youth empowerment.

We are glad that as an Official of a Party that emphatically stands for the respect of women and truth, Mr. Ali took ownership of his actions and obligations and has laid out plans to address them. The Unity Party believes that leaders are obligated to comport themselves in ways that demonstrate the moral values we desire in our society. We extend empathy to the young lady involved for the distress the politicization of this situation has caused her; we admonish partisans and the public to consider her privacy and wellbeing and refrain from actions and making statements that would have the propensity of negatively impacting her future and integrity.

The Party further accepts Mr. Ali’s request for a leave of absence from the Party for a specified period to focus on these personal issues.

Cornelia Kruah-Togba
Assistant Secretary General for Press, Publicity and Outreach

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