T.Q. Harris admits to tenure expiration but says he awaits his replacement before leaving

By Charles Yates

Mr. T.Q. Harris, Commissioner of the Liberia Electricity Regulatory Commission (LERC) is amongst several officials with tenure portfolio whose tenure has since expired but holding on.

Mr. Harris was appointed by President Weah in September 2018 as Commissioner of LERC, an Independent Electricity Regulator a job he has since been holding.

Following the launch of an investigation into various tenure portfolios in Liberia one of which he occupies, he was quick to admit that indeed his tenure has expired at the institution but that he’s still holding on until the President can appoint someone else.

Commissioner Harris said he still enjoys all the benefits and respect as a commissioner and he will not abandon the post until someone else is appointed.

“I cant walk away from the position and leave it empty, no! I wouldn’t do that,” he said.

According to our investigation, Commissioner Harris was appointed along with two other Commissioners the same time to a staggering tenure of two years, but that has since expired as of September 2020 and has not been renewed by the Executive Mansion.

He however said he continues to work and make just salaries and benefits which according to legal minds is in clear violation of the law.

Two others that were appointed by the President in same tenure roles are no longer in the employ of the Commission understanding the illegality of their being on the job.

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