‘The Bridge is broken’ Kendeja Public School head breaks ties with Bridge Int’l for Clar Weah Foundation

When President George Weah visited Kendeja Public School this week, little did he know an international institution was partnering with the dilapidated school.

Days after the President announced a massive renovation of the school, his Press Office then made a follow-up to speak to authorities of the entity.

In an interview with Deputy Press Secretary Smith Toby, the Principal of the elementary school, Magdalene Browne said the school almost fell on them while Bridge International Academies operated it.

She said ‘The Bridge has been broken, we are moving on to partner with the Clar Hope Foundation.’

The Principal said there will be classrooms set aside to incorporate the Clar Hope Foundation vocational program (First Lady’s project) expected to train folks in masonry, tye and dye, carpentry amongst others.

Bridge International Academies a multi million company has been partnering with the government and educational entities to improve learning in the classrooms. It’s an initiative of former Education Minister, George Werner who remains a lobbyist for them in Liberia.

As part of this effort, they are required to renovate schools for improved conditions for learning but they have failed to do, leaving schools like Kendeja Public School in ruin.

Madam Browne appears to be very disappointed in Bridge International Academies with reports having it that a planned protest is expected on dedication day to request the government to get Bridge out of Liberia.

With millions raised in the name of Liberia, all the company does is to have hundreds of foreign persons benefit hugely while Liberians get underpaid and schools lack basic services as kids future in oblivion.

A Kenyan Country Director, Griffin Asigo since fired by the Liberian government sits abroad taking decisions that continue to ruin efforts in Liberia especially his recent call for teachers at Kendeja to rescind their Principal decision to part ways with Bridge which has been vehemently rejected.

Bridge earns over 8 million every school year for at least a hundred a seventy government schools run but there is absolutely nothing to show except old books and tablets for teaching.

Many teachers and principals like Madam Harris think the entire Bridge operations in the country need revision to have them replaced with one of eight other partners that are performing excellently.

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