‘The death of Comrade Oscar Jaryee Quiah is a great loss for the Progressive forces and our nativeland,’ Amb. Dew Mayson eulogizes fallen statesman

By Amb.Prof. Dew Mayson

The death of Comrade Oscar Jaryee Quiah is a great loss for the Progressive forces and for our beloved nativeland in general.

During our struggle for rice and rights, Jaryee stood tall in the vanguard of PAL, the Progressive Alliance of Liberia, led by that other icon, Man Pekin Gabriel Bacchus Mathews. Together with MOJA, led by the living legend, Dr. Togba-Nah Tipoteh, we managed to mobilize our people against the excesses of the decadent True Whig Party government.

Today, although the Progressive forces have not yet achieved state power and therefore have not been able to achieve all their goals of peace, unity and progress for our country, we have managed to establish such a solid foundation for democracy that it will take more than the winds of puerile tyranny to prevail against it.

And Jaryee was foremost among those who laid this foundation. He paid a heavy price for his commitment: His personal resources were depleted in support of the struggle. He was jailed numerous times. He endured so many beatings and acts of torture. He was even scheduled for execution. Through it all, Jaryee stood firm in defense of our people.
From a personal point of view, Jaryee’s death has left me sorely aggrieved. Since our days together in Sinoe High School, he was always my close friend and big brother.

Our participation in the struggle for our nativeland cemented our bonds of friendship, and we came to love and respect each other intently and sincerely.
When I visited Jaryee a little over a month ago, sick as he was, he still managed to share with me his infectious smile which endeared him to so many of our people.

So much to say about Jaryee, but tears are already falling. And, in any case, words are simply inadequate.

May Jaryee rest in peace and in power!
May God bless his wife and children who provided care for him during his illness.
May many Jaryee’s arise to continue the struggle for rice and rights, for economic development and freedom

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