TRI Buchanan Assures Liberians of Quality Services

TRI Buchanan, a Liberian owned company involved in civil engineering and logistics, believes that its presence in the country is to give the real value for money to its many clients.

Jason Hockran, Chief Executive Officer of the company, said the main focus of the company is drawing together resources and building the confidence of the real people and helping to develop Liberia and other parts of West Africa.

Although the company’s headquarters is in the United States, its national office is based on the Samuel Kanyon Doe Boulevard road within 72ndBarracks community in Paynesville. The TRI Buchanan CEO said he is always connected with Buchanan and one of their goals is to help develop the city of Buchanan, the poor and added that they have been working for the last couple of years on different projects with government and the private sector industries.

Hockran said there are few speculation projects that people are planning for the future and they been working with them on the initial stages.

However, he noted that the company has observed the resourcefulness and hardworking nature of the Liberian people it has come in contact with.

“They have the ability to do what they get from other countries. And it is just powerful for me to come and help develop that and we come together with those resources, long term development, strengthened communities, families, and country. The systems will include roads, water controls, and that’s the biggest problems in Liberia and other parts of the world,” TRI Buchanan CEO stated.

He went on to mention that, “It doesn’t mean it can’t be controlled. It’s a sustainable thing that we raise the standards and benefits for communities and families. We have lots of subcontracts, some in transportation and construction sectors. Liberians and West Africans are coming to make life for themselves. We want to develop because many times, projects have gone on for too long in Liberia instead of taking six months to a year to build a small building. Sometimes it takes several years, but we are bringing in innovation and really healthy project techniques.”

The CEO further said, “We are making sure that the clients have the real expectations of their projects. How they need it, when they can commence, and how it will be fully developed before the end of the project and other major principles are taken into consideration in the Liberian construction market place; transportation market place and increasing the level of products and helping to have a better products.”

Hockran explained: “Sometimes it is about the quality of resources we can provide and at the end of the day, it is about the finished products, the transportation situation is the client is completely satisfied with the services we provided as well. We want to make sure that our name is established as a brand because more people continue to talk about what we have done and continue to tell others about the good news and willing to promote. The issues that contribute to delay is funding, timing and planning.”

Recounting on how he arrived in Liberia with the company, the CEO said, “This is a very quick visit and I have to come for an African investment meeting in London and decided to visit Liberia and I have been here for a week. I left Liberia for many years and started coming in 2013. I love the country and the people and we always receive warm hospitality and a great relationship has developed and the results are better. I am a Pastor in the United Methodist Church. And I have lots of works with the Liberia Annual Conference and worship with them anytime I am in Liberia.”

Recounting the establishment of TRI Buchanan, he added, “It all started when I was on a mission related trip to Liberia and I brought team of young adults from America to Liberia to have a cross cultural experience in many of the UMC schools. We will come and develop workers and after few years, I knew I really valued that and God calling me to continue that work and my father and I own a construction business in the United States for over 30 years. He started it and I came along after coming from college and I have the idea that we can start another family business here in Liberia and I see lots of partners here in Liberia. We are the primary shareholders in the company and we will create self-sustaining Liberia’s entities.”

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