Tubman Memorial United Methodist Church Breaks Ground for Multipurpose Church Complex


Members of The Martha Tubman Memorial United Methodist Church in Paynesville will after 145 years move to a new multipurpose building soon.

On Sunday, 6th November 2022, the church broke grounds in Paynesville City for what will become the first ever modern multipurpose Church Complex for the Martha Tubman Memorial United Methodist Church. The building will be used for Sunday worship services, weekday activities, wedding reception, community service and amongst others.

Established 1877, the Martha Tubman Memorial UMC has been functional. Many have been baptized and souls won. Today, Tubman has over 1,000 membership. These members have been faithful and consistently praying for a bigger edifice of their own to worship.

At the groundbreaking ceremony, the Resident Bishop of the Liberia Annual Conference, United Methodist Church, Bishop Samuel Quire preached on the theme; “Together we can make it”. Calling for unity among members in doing God’s work.
According the Bishop when the members of the Church decide to work Together for Good, they create pathways for the church to come alongside vulnerable families in Christ-centered ministry.

Under sunny skies in 88-degree heat, members of Martha Tubman Memorial Church singing and praying broke ground Sunday afternoon for the church’s new multipurpose complex that is expected to host 1500 persons and will have several offices and an event Hall when completed.

“We pray that what is planted here will grow and flourish, watered by your gracious blessing,” Bishop Quire said. “May the house built here be not only a haven for the gathering of your people, but a home for their nurture and preparation to go into the world as faithful followers of our Lord, Jesus Christ.”

For his part the Chairperson of the Project Committee Fth. Powo Hilton said the new Mutipurpose Church complex culminates many years of planning, preparation and working to build support for the church expansion.

He said “The congregation has really come together, and there’s been a great amount of financial support, plus volunteer hours, to make it all possible.”

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