UAE Company Subcontracts UK Group To Run Services At Liberian Port

A controversial deal between the Liberian Government and UAE’s Medtech Scientific Ltd continue to showcase different activities ahead of the deal being finalized or concluded.

A Westminster Group PLC of United Kingdom (UK) has announced that it has been awarded a long-term managed services contract at the Freeport of Monrovia for an undisclosed amount, and that it continues to monitor funding requirements and options.

This comes when all Liberians and the local media knows is that said contract would be awarded to a UAE company but it seems far from over.

The security-services said the 10-year contract given them by UAE Medtech Scientific Ltd is expected to generate revenue of around $1.1 million during the first year of operation, and that its initial deployment expenses will be covered from the company’s existing resources.

The contract was awarded to a consortium led by UAE company Medtech Scientific Ltd., which in turn entered into a contract with Westminster Group to provide the services from July 1. It added that the original 10-year period may be extended by mutual agreement.

“Westminster will provide the screening systems, warehousing and infrastructure to undertake screening and intrusive search of selected import containers, maintain and operate the systems and provide comprehensive training services to customs and other staff throughout the term of the agreement,” the company said.

It’s remains unclear with these services expected to be rendered by the Westminster/UAE group, what difference will APM Terminal be doing at the nation’s port.

NPA boss Bill Twehway has frowned on many occassions about the operations of APM Terminal so it remains unclear if the new company is expected to take APM’s role.

The Freeport of Monrovia is the main commercial port facility in Liberia and was artificially created on Bushrod Island in 1948. The facility contains four piers and one main wharf with four berths. The port also has tanker facilities and a fishery pier. The National Port Authority (NPA) operates it.

In 2010, the Liberian government signed a $120 million concession agreement with APM Terminals, establishing a public-private partnership between the company and the NPA to run the port. According to the terms of the agreement, APM Terminals will modernize the port and its staff, bringing it in line with international standards.


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