UK Global Education Summit Opens, What Liberia Loses Through Bridge International Scams

In pic: Kids clustered in Bridge Liberia classroom, Liberia Education Minister Ansu Sonii, Bridge New Country Director Liberia, Gbovadeh Gbilia and Bridge Co Founder Shannon May

The Global Education Summit: Financing GPE 2021-2025 will take place on July 28 and 29, 2021.

The summit will use a hybrid format, with participants attending live sessions on virtual platform and a small in-person event in London.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta will co-host the summit.

At this summit educational institutions like Bridge International Academies and others are expected to do massive lobby on wooing millions into their program which little is expected to be used in countries they operate: Liberia, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya etc.

Bridge to soon be named New Globe Education due to the damaged the company’s brand has had over the years ranging from bad labor, racism, corruption, poor data analysis on success stories in the educational sector and other vices.

In Liberia for example, Bridge International schools remain some of the worst schools to attend, students clustered in classrooms and lack of renovation, students upliftment, development to communities they operate amongst others.

At these summits like GPE, Bridge brands itself as the world’s remarkable educational brand that get millions in an effort to revolutionize education but on the contrary little is being done, hope some of these donors begin to visit some Bridge projects beyond the company’s notice. You will be amazed at what you will notice in places like Grand Kru in Liberia or Maryland County or even in Kenya suburbs.

Most devices are in ruined nationwide, parents barely get their kids fully educated and sanitation at its poorest ever in schools they operate.

Bridge International Academies cares mostly about bribing public officials who renege in taking full track of the work they do nationwide, closing a blind eye on the learning conditions at schools.

Many teachers in Bridge schools are rarely pay but whites sitting in countries where there are no schools earn between 20 to 25 K USD as salaries. These whites are referred to as consultants and scientists who sit behind computers doing absolutely nothing.

At this Global Education Summit it’s my hope that the world looks differently at education and commit more funds to the locals directly than these fake entities meant to only make money themselves.

Bridge is barely making impact on education globally, statistically in Liberia their performance is at an all time low.

We hope this summit in London will take a new approach in supporting education differently for the future of our kids as it’s not closed to being better in entities like Bridge hands.

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Israel Azikiwe, an educationalist and writer

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