UL Clears Mayor Koijee For Graduation

The administration of the University of Liberia (UL) has declared that student/candidate Jefferson T. Koijee (ID#57630) cannot be denied or stopped from participating in the 102nd Commencement Convocation exercises, if he so elects to do so. Therefore, the UL said it will confer the degree accordingly.

As stated in its Investigative Panel’s Report made known by the office of the Vice President for UL Relations, Cllr. Norris Tweah, the decision by the UL  comes in the wake of mounting calls and allegations that the university was poised to fraudulently graduate Koijee, for which the university commissioned an investigation into the matter.

According to the UL, those involved in the investigation included but not limited to the Office of Enrollment Services (OES), Leadership of the College of Business and Public Administration and the Electronic (E)-Portal (MWETANA) Systems’ Administrator.

The UL said the report of the investigation was submitted to the President of the university, Rev. Prof. Dr. Julius Sarwolo Nelson, Jr. and his Cabinet on Monday, March 14, 2022.

Following the discussion of the information provided, the following decisions were reached:

  1. That the university had done sufficient due diligence to the matter by thoroughly investigating all claims through a comprehensive review of the records of student/candidate Jefferson T. Koijee;
  2. That contrary to claims that the student/candidate in question committed or attempted to commit academic fraud, it was established in fact that there are two students bearing then name Jefferson Koijee that are enrolled at the University of Liberia.
  3. Jefferson T. Koijee (ID#57630), a graduate of the Calvary Baptist High School and enrolled in the Romeo A. Horton College of Business and Public Administration in 2008/2009 Academic Year with major in Public Administration and minor in Political Science, and
  4. Jefferson Tamba Koijee (ID#76154), a graduate of the Lenn Miller High School and enrolled in the William R. Tolbert College of Agriculture and Forestry in the 2012/13 Academic Year. UL said both students are alive today.

The UL went on to state that the investigation did not reveal or disclose sufficient reasons based on the facts gathered from documents in the system and on file, including grade sheets, entrance results, control sheets, class roster, etc. to prevent student/candidate Jefferson T. Koijee (ID#57630) from graduating in the 102nd Commencement Convocation.

“Notwithstanding, the UL herein reiterates in no uncertain terms that should there be any new information probative enough of material facts at issue which establishes fraud in the process different from what was already reviewed, the University of Liberia reserves the right to revoke the degree as awarded as has been done in time past in keeping with its policy of zero-tolerance against academic fraud and malfeasance enshrined in the various policy instruments in the Revised UL Student Handbook,” the UL administration noted.     



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