United Methodist Church Passes Resolution On Disadvantaged Youths

The United Methodist Church has passed a resolution that it will prayerfully set aside the resources to tackle the issue of disadvantaged and at-risk youths in Liberia.

The move by the United Methodist Church was contained in the report of the Committee on General Resolution, chaired by James Toe Worquea. Sr., to the 189th Annual Conference held in Gbarnga, Bong County. The Clergy and Lay Members accredited convened with the Sinoe District as prime host, and co-hosted by Cape Palmas, Nana Kru, Garraway, Gee River and Kru Coast Districts with the Miller McAllister United Methodist Church in Ganta, Nimba County, on February 9-13, 2022.          

The Church stated that it welcomes efforts by the government and its partners to deal with the issue of at at-risk youths. Yet, the United Methodist Church has further resolved to support government in such initiative and requests that the government intensifies its efforts aimed at providing program of rehabilitation for at-risk youths.

The Church also wants government to muster the full arsenal of its resources in the fight against the importation, distribution and sales of illegal drugs which seems to be one of the major causes for the disadvantaged state of most of the youths.

The resolution contains that the Church holds unto the truth of the social principles of the United Methodist Church. It adds the Church is conscious of the vanguard role the Liberia Annual Conference has played in the lives of the disadvantaged youths such as the construction and operation of a leprosarium and the provision of free education to disadvantaged children during the civil war.

The Church also mentioned in the resolution that it holds firm and remains unshakable to the belief that all youths in Liberia are precious in the sight of Jesus Christ and must be reached out to with open arms of love and be referred to with the language of inclusivity instead of the language of exclusivity.

“It is hereby resolved that the Conference concurs with Bishop Samuel J. Quire Jr. in the commissioning of Rev. Caleb G. Dormah as the Liberia Area United Methodist Church’s Ambassador/Advocate/Missionary to lead the church efforts in a ministry to the at-risk and disadvantaged youths of Liberia that would seek healing, transformation and wholeness,” the Resolution states.

It is also resolved that Rev. Dormah will work in collaboration and consultation with the Task Force established by Bishop Quire for that purpose and also with the Department of Youth and Young Adults as well as the S. Edward Peal Counseling Center.  

“It is hereby resolved that the Church calls upon all motor-bike and keke riders and operators to be mindful that their lives are precious in the eyes of Jesus, and such, the church encourages them to drive with moderation and observe traffic lights and respect the movement of pedestrians, and treat the lives of themselves and their passengers with utmost care.”

It is also resolved that the people called United Methodists in the Republic of Liberia shall take the lead, and are encouraged to actively participate in the cleaning of the villages and cities, being mindful that there is a direct relationship between disease and uncleanliness.

It is also the resolution of the Church that violence cannot continue to be badge of Liberians and so the United Methodists resolve to find amicable ways and means of solving problems, differences and troubles.


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