Unity Party links government to voters trucking in Bomi and parts beyond

The new Secretary General of the former ruling Unity Party says the government of Liberia through the National Transit Authority (NTA) has given 10 buses to former Speaker Alex Tyler to transport voters from Montserrado to Bomi to register ahead of the December 8, senatorial midterm election.

‘Those same voters are also registering in Montserrado. Some have even acquired up to 3 voter registration cards. Those doing the voter roll updates are under direct instruction from the CDC Commissioners (including the Chair of the Commission) at the NEC to allowed multiple registrations and voting,’ said SG Ali.

Tyler is contesting against the opposition CPP’s candidate, Sando Johnson and Rep. Edwin Snowe in what is expected to be a highly contested county.

The UP SG continued ‘We are registering this concern now so that the few good people at the Elections Commission can do the right thing. We will not take lightly any hint of fraud.’

Whistleblower had earlier reported massive voters trucking but notable doers of the act unknown; though there are claims and counter from all sides alleging the other of voters trucking.

Those attaining age eighteen or others who since relocated to other places or lost their voting cards will have them replaced, the National Election Commission has said.

Politicians are now exploiting the NEC’s decision to register as many persons as possible to cling the top seats in their respective counties.

‘We are also calling on those at the NEC data center to thoroughly clean up this messed up voter update they are doing. We will not accept any wrong doing in this process,’ Mohammed Ali also noted.

The government is yet to react!

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