VP Howard Taylor serves communion at Restoration Baptist

In an apparent dedication of her time to God following her return from treatment, Liberia’s Vice President, Jewel Howard Taylor Sunday served communion at her Restoration Baptist Ministry in Congo Town.

VP Taylor has just returned from months of treatment for COVID19 and other complications in Accra Ghana.

Photos posted on RBM Facebook site shows the nation’s VP serving the congregation.

VP Taylor labelled her return home on 28th October as a return from bed of affliction.

Via Instagram, she thanked the nation, church leaders and others for the prayers and said she is reinvigorated to serve the nation deligiently.

He reported fallout with the Presidency is becoming glaring by the day after she criticised the pageantry while a Minister of excellent performance has just passed.

‘So Mobutu is gone and people are going around without mourning him a day?’ she stated in an Instagram post.

For his part, Rev. Gardea Johnson preached a moving political sermon outling some of the vices of the government, calling for change.

The Baptist prelate is noted for calling spade a spade dating as far back as the Taylor era.

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