Wanted: ….Robert Clarke Reportedly Steals Ex Company’s Vehicle

Robert Clarke, brother to an Assistant of Justice Minister Musa Dean, Romeo Clarke is said to be behind a car theft, police sources have confirmed.

Clarke, Country Representative of ERES Liberia (Bitumen Plant Interest) was requested to park his assigned white Toyota Hilux vehicle at a designated location after his contract came to an end.

The assigned car, the company requested, should have been dropped off to its Tax Consultant, Eric Filor Nagbe on 7th February 2021.

In a communication to the Liberian National Police complaining Robert Clarke, Mr. Nagbe narrated that he directed Mr. Clarke to a Compound on 3rd Street to drop off the vehicle and keys.

Mr. Clarke however consented, dropped the car off with two keys but surreptitiously kept a spare key.

Mr. Nagbe narrates that weeks or months later when the company asked him if Mr. Robert Clarke had also dropped off printer, computer and other assorted items, he was stunt as he didn’t get any such information when the car was dropped off but informed them he was driving to the scene where the car was parked to check.

To Nagbe’s amazement, the car was nowhere to be seen and Clarke location completely unknown. They reverted to check the CCTV camera at the premises and found out another car (Blue KIA) had driven by, an individual currently in police custody and initially complying with the investigation got in and drove away. His call logs and interactions on that fateful day all point to Robert Clarke.

Since then, the whereabouts of the car is unknown as well as Mr. Clarke, leaving police authorities with no alternative but to put out an arrest warrant for him and inform all borders about this lost vehicle.

Due to Robert’s brother’s proximity to Justice Minister Musa Dean he continues to be at large even though his accomplice has been caught.

Police sources have confirmed that Mr. Clarke is wanted but every attempt to contact him has proven fruitless as he is yet to respond to calls or WhatsApp messages.

Clarke however stated in a social media comment ‘Witch Hunt: There’s a ploy by Eric Filor Nagbe and the Liberian Government to have me arrested and publicly humiliated if not assassinated… I will address the state later

Details are still developing…


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