War Crimes Court Leader Comes Down With COVID19; Barred From Traveling But He Reacts

Emmanuel Savice, the leader for the establishment of War and Economic  Crimes Court for Liberia is back in the news for reportedly coming down with COVID19 this time.

Mr. Savice told Whistleblower that while enroute to RIA he was called and stopped from traveling by health authorities because he had come down with COVID following testing.

Savice is head of the Liberians United for Justice and Accountability ( LUJA) and has been in the country rallying signatures of victims of the civil conflict.

The LUJA boss has however condemned his COVID testing and said it is meant to stall his work and hinder his continuous fight for justice.

‘They are trying to get me to stay knowing I have exhausted my time here and it will cost me additional money in tickets and of course my own wellbeing,’ he stated.

Savice continued ‘They are trying to make sure we get discouraged talking about this WCC and ECC.’

The SKD test sent to the lab confirmed Mr. Savice has come down with the virus and cannot travel.

This comes after hundreds of people signed in an effort to collect one million signatures for the establishment of war and economic crimes court for Liberia.

Savice is a Liberian born who has scars of the war but now based in Canada with his family; his entry into Liberia was also controversial after his initial denial of visa which was later sorted out.

The Ministry of Health has not spoken up to press time.

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