Was ‘Student Murderer’ Jovanus Act Premeditated?

Jovanus Turay reported son of Syvanus Turay, Liberian actor based abroad has been identified as Tuesday’s shooter in what took away the life of another kid at Cyber ED Christian School.

There have been tons of heart warming condolence messages to the family of the late Precious Ireland.

Prominent amongst the messages have been President George Weah, VP Taylor , Monrovia’s City Mayor Jefferson Koijee amongst others.

The victim’s father is Dr. Philip Zochonis Ireland (Head, Internal Medicine) of the John F. Kennedy Medical Center in Monrovia.

A photograph of Jovanus circulating on social media clearly shows him displaying the gangster shooting signs making many to wonder about his state of mind during the incident.

Family members confirmed the death of their teenage daughter and began demanding justice following the shooting on Tuesday, April 13, 2021 at the Cyber Ed School with an uncle of the deceased, Atty. Maxwell Grisby linking the crime to premeditation of sixteen years old Jovanus.

According to Grisby who heads the Small Arm Commission, Jovanus discharged the arm, recharged the magazine and used it making clear terms he knows about guns.

The Cyber Ed School, where both murder suspects and victim were said to be classmates, is located in Congo Town within the Sophie, Catholic Hospital Community and has an American like educational system.

The school has so far regretted the situation and extended its condolences to the bereaved family and has called for an emergency meeting tomorrow with parents of the institution. Education Minister D. Ansu Sonii also visited the scene of the shooting.

On the deceased’s Facebook page Steve Tolbert posted: “TRAGEDY. In the middle is brilliant, studious and industrious Precious Ireland (black dress). I’ve just returned from the Ireland Family home because 14 year old Precious was fatally shot at Christian Cyber-Ed School just around the corner from me in Sophie Community. Her father Dr. Philip Zochon Ireland (Head, JFK Internal Medicine) dropped her off at the usual 7:30am prompt.”

He added: “By 8:30am Precious was dead. It seems that a fellow boy student smuggled a gun into the school this morning whereby Precious was fatally shot. She expired before arriving at SOS Clinic 3 minutes away. Moses Carter, LNP Spokesman. Please urgently mobilize ALL RESOURCES to find out how a Liberian teenager got a firearm into a private school. In addition to the general situation of INSECURITY in the country this new tragedy highlights the extent to which ALL OF OUR CHILDREN are in GRAVE DANGER. LNP (Liberia National Police) Use Precious’ death to turn the situation of INSECURITY around in Liberia.”

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