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Whistleblower Liberia

‘We Must Never See Violence As A Way To Draw Attention,’ Speaker Bhofal Chambers States In The Wake Of Angry Mob Burning Down His Home In Maryland County

The home of Speaker Bhofal Chmabers was burned down Wednesday in Maryland as protest continues in that Southeastern part of the country following the grusome murder of a student.

The body of Mordecial Nyemah, student of Pleebo High School was discovered lifeless culminating into violence and perpertrators arrested.

‘Our people had good intent to bring a resounding attention to their local authority and national government, but were undermine by violence and destruction by misguided individuals within the group,’ Bhofal Chmabers said in a statement Wednesday evening.

The office of the Speaker said the death of youthful Nyemah has semblance of ritualism which has been a menance that has shadowed the good imagine of Maryland for decades.

The statement continued ‘We urge all of our people to bend on the perpetration of such diabolical culture practice to cease and desist. In this vein, we have come to categorically condemn this sub-human practice for it has no place in the standing of our today‚Äôs Maryland.’

About the unprovoked arson attack on his premises in Pleebo City, Pleebo-Sodoken District and the vandalism and destruction of government property including, the impeding of normal business activities and the movement of peaceful citizens, Speaker Chmabers says he believes strongly that same do not represent the majority patriotic citizens of our community, Pleebo-Sodoken District and all of Maryland.

Speaker’s home torched by angry mob

‘To other Liberians in and out of Country, it is my fervent prayer that we must never see violence as a means to draw attention or settle our disagreements even if we are hurt, but should always found recourse to the law as our path to settle our differences’ the statement from the Speaker said.

President George Weah however imposed a curfew that takes effect today!

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