Weah seeks US help in mysterious deaths investigation

President George M. Weah has asked the United States Embassy in Monrovia to help with ongoing investigation into the deaths of two staffers of the Liberia Revenue Authority and the head of the Internal Audit Agency, Emmanuel B. Nyeswa. The President said it was sad that the latest deaths are happening at a time when the country is nurturing a vibrant democracy where there’s respect for fundamental human rights.

According to an Information Ministry release, the Liberian leader announced that he has instructed Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean to coordinate his efforts with partners of the government, including the Americans, in order to establish the cause of the deaths of the three government staffers. While expressing his sympathies to the bereaved families, the President said that “death should come naturally….anything to the contrary is unacceptable!”.

President Weah explained that he understands why some people will engage in speculations about what might have caused the unexplained deaths, but he called on everyone to “give the authorities chance to determine the cause of death”.

President Weah has also reiterated the government’s earlier commitment to carry out an open and impartial investigation. He said at this point, it’s difficult to know what exactly happened. “But I am working to make sure we determine what happened through the investigation..”, he said.

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