Weah’s government closing in on audit of Ellen’s regime – Source

A source closed to the Liberian Presidency says the Weah’s government with three years down the road is now closing in on auditing of the government of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

The source said the action stems from Ellen’s recent bashing as an ‘Opulent ceremony’ Weah held during the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony.

Weah also reacted harshly but the bitterness has reportedly not gone away with request now for the entire government of the ex President to be audited.

From the very inception of the Weah’s government there were calls to audit the Ellen’s adminstration something they reneged doing.

Ellen’s reported support to the Weah’s CDC in 2017 must be reasons behind the administration refusal to audit her but times are turning sour.

The relationship is being soured with Ellen’s attacks on Weah and support to the opposition ahead of the 2023 general and Presidential elections.

This latest trend is expected to increase the bitterness between the two as the public remains divided over the matter with some even doubting the possibility.

A citizen speaking on condition of anonymity said ‘Until we see an audit, I doubt Weah will audit Ellen.’

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