Weah’s Minister of State Without Portfolio’s Sister Sets Record Straight Over President’s Insinuation Regarding Her

The sister of Trokon Kpui, Minister of State without Portfolio says her attention has been drawn to statements attributed to her by the President of the Republic of Liberia when he insinuated that she  threw her brother out of her premises to detest his support to Weah before his Presidency.

In a statement issued Tuesday in Monrovia, Nahsee Kpui Watson who’s based in the USA said ‘The President went on to say in an exclusive interview with Trokon by his side at a tour of some new facilities for the people in Monrovia on 10th April 2022 that he was called ‘Foolish person,’ by Trokon’s sister, that being me who he stayed with all along before Weah became President or Senator.’

Mrs. Kpui Watson said she likes to categorically state for the record that at no time did the issue of the President have anything to do with how Trokon Kpui left she and her husband premises.

‘When Trokon returned from the US and was working for Weah up to Weah becoming Senator, he stayed with my husband and I. Not a cent did he at any time contribute to the run of our home and was treated as a family and brother that he is to me,’ she stated.

She continued ‘He voluntarily left my home and it’s regrettable that he will spew out such misrepresentation of the facts only to have me targeted by the Weah led administration and buy sympathy from the President.’

Madam Nahsee Kpui Watson said Trokon’s only issue with her is that he wants the family properties sold though he has solely taken them but has got no right to sell under the laws because she has not consented to doing that.

In narrating what would be considered an ordeal she maintained ‘While on my sick bed in the United States for almost three months in comma, my brother  Trokon Kpui  flew in not to empathize with me but to prevail upon me to have me bought out of the property since he is already doing a lot of work there; I thought that was devilish and told him I wasn’t interested in such discussion ever as my health mattered the most.’

She revealed that Trokon has been using power to seize their properties but that gives him no right to lie to the President that she hates him or has ever called him names which has never happened.

‘Trokon, since his appointment as Minister in the Weah’s administration has refused to speak to his family, remain in touch or open any doors of opportunities for ones that will need so but all he does is malign our characters for obvious reasons,’ she narrated.

She called on Trokon to desist from this act and put family first as job and whatsoever he has will go but family will always remain. She also said that she has adequately communicated Trokon’s attitude to all other members of the family for what she considered putting her life at risk.

The statement concluded ‘President Weah can be assured that I have got no issue with him and have said nothing demeaning about him in public or private and should not listen to gossip from Trokon and his likes.’

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