“Where Is Alexander Cummings’ Stronghold?”-Ex- Deputy Minister Throws Challenge

A former Deputy Minister of Education has hailed opposition politician Alexander Cummings for “crisscrossing Liberia, indirectly campaigning to become the Political Leader of the CPP and by default, seek the nomination.”

Dr. Kadiker Rex Dahn declared that such effort on the part of Cummings is brilliant in his own right to enhance his chances. However, he said the compelling question for Cummings is his stronghold.

“In a military sense, a stronghold is a place that has been fortified so as to protect against attack. In a political sense, it is a place where a particular cause or belief is strongly defended or upheld,” Dahn stated.

Considering the political sense, the Liberian educator is wondering which of the 15 counties is Cummings’ stronghold where he has absolute control to deliver the presidency. Better still, Dahn is challenging the opposition politician to identify which of the 15 counties so much believe and committed to him and will, no matter, not renege on their support for him.

“Declaration by mouth that ‘this is my stronghold’ is not enough. Such claim must be accompanied by tangible evidence. In the context of Alexander Cummings, he participated in the 2017 general elections. What were his marks, in this case, votes he received in each of the 15 counties that now gives him the full assurance that when he contests as leader of the CPP, he would win?”

The former Deputy Education Minister went on to state that in the absence of facts and compelling evidence, Cummings may be bringing “schism in the Collaboration and equally an abrupt end to his political career.”

Dr. Dahn further asserts: “We are told and confirmed by Cummings that he hails from Maryland County. Since Cummings hails from Maryland County, it is believed that Maryland County is his political stronghold. We made this claim because if vote records on his behalf by the people of Maryland County, his own people are not encouraging and overwhelming, one must ask, by what magic or authority will he encourage others to vote him?”

According to Dr. Dahn, considering the definition of political stronghold, it is not just assertion to point to Maryland County as the stronghold of the ANC.

Instead, he pointed out the need for compelling and tangible evidence as justifications that indeed Cummings is the man to head the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) in 2023 and that equally, Maryland County will fully support him in that endeavor.

In the 2017 presidential elections in Maryland County, Cummings snatched 8,246 votes against 4,791 votes for Joe Boakai, with the difference of 3,455 votes between the CPP pair. George Weah won Maryland County with 18,232 votes. Cummings’ ANC did not win a single Representative seat there.

As for the 2017 race in Lofa County, Boakai got 91,324 votes, while Cummings grabbed 2,412 votes (vote difference of 88,912). Boakai’s Unity Party (UP) won three out of five Representative seats in Lofa County.

In the entire country during the first round of the 2017 elections, Cummings garnered 112,067 votes against 446,716 votes for Boakai (with a difference of 334,649).

“Having a stronghold in political elections is absolutely necessary. With this in mind, considering the definition of stronghold as well as the statistics of from the fields during recent presidential elections, it seems to be that ANC’s man, Alexander Cummings does not have the popularity he is claiming to have.”

For Dr. Dahn, what Cummings has in his favor is not a stronghold but the cash for which he is crisscrossing with the hope to “entice, manipulate and deceive the public,” especially other members of the CPP whose votes will be pivotal during the primary.

“Cummings must understand that the Liberian people again will not sell their souls and the souls of their children and grandchildren for cash, half or full bag of rice,” Dr. Dahn said.

He added that Liberia is on a political crossroad and people are yearning for individuals who have been tested, experienced and shown promising sign that they can deliver and not experimental politicians.

“If members of the CPP are sensible, which we believe they are, and can read between the lines, which we believe they do, there is absolutely no need for primary between Boakai and Cummings. CPP should and must not be misled! Boakai should and must be the choice if CPP wants to win in 2023,” the former Deputy Education Minister cautioned.                  

Cummings, aged 65, is a businessman-turned- politician, philanthropist and Standard Bearer of the Alternative National Congress (ANC).

Cummings worked for over 40 years in international business. He retired from Coca-Cola as its Chief Administrator in 2016, after a twenty years long career with the organization. He currently serves as Chairman of the Cummings Africa Foundation.

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