Who Attempted Bribing Liberia’s Under 15 Coach?

In the wake of claims from Liberia Under-15 head coach Ansu Keita that he has been tempted with US$5,000 bribe to include players in the youth national team, a female club President is demanding that names of those involved to be made public.

Chris Geeply Weah, President, Stages Football Club, stated that failure on the part of coach Keita to make known publicly those who attempted to bribe him, the Liberia Football Association (LFA) must immediately conduct an investigation into the statement by the coach.

The Stages FC President believes transparency in football is paramount to the development of the game, especially in underdeveloped nations.

According to the local female club President, he has known coach Keita as a man of principles and from a country (Canada) where truth is told to power.

“I believe in his vision for Liberian football and by extension his love for football. I am hopeful that he will do what is right in spite of societal status, pressure from Government officials or from within the LFA,” Weah said.

As far as Weah is concerned, statements regarding financial bribery within Liberian football have the propensity to destroy the many gains the administration of Mustapha Raji is making.

For his part, Yudu Miller, a huge football follower, is calling on the LFA to investigate the head coach of the Under-15 team of Liberia for claiming that he has been tempted with US$5,000 to include players in the youth national team of Liberia.

Miller, a popular critic of the LFA under Raji, regards the statement from the coach as a serious integrity issue, for which the LFA should take it seriously by asking the coach to step aside for an investigation.

Addressing a press conference prior to departing with the youth team for the Inaugural WAFU U15 Tournament in Guinea, coach Keita said, “No player is on my team because of government officials or Ministers. In fact I hate to hear government officials or Ministers having link with any of my players. I have been tempted. And I will make this clear today. I have been offered with 5000 USD to include several players on the youth national team. I want to make this clear in public and to those who planned it should know I am not here for that. I will not mention name. They offered me the money and recommended players to me to select for the youth national team.”

But Miller insists that the coach should name those who tried to bribe him as this is bad for Liberian football in order to put this to an end and for those involved to get the necessary punishment.

“Let me tell my people, I am not rich. But I live a life I am comfortable with in Canada. No money can buy me. The only thing that can buy me is the kids you are recommending to me should be the best among their friends. So I am asking them to stop that game. No one will offer me money and tell me that they want their nephews or sons or uncles to play on this team,” Keita stated.

The coach added: “It will not work with Coach Keita. I am bringing this out because I want it to stop. I came to help Liberia and I will never cheat Liberia. I will make sure the right thing is done. And I must advocate for that. I am here to serve my country.”


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