WHO Enhances Health Ministry’s National COVID-19 Response

In continuation of its support to the fight against COVID-19 and EVD preparedness in Liberia, the WHO Country Office donated a consignment of essential medicines, assorted infection prevention and control supplies and laboratory reagents to the Ministry of Health to control leprosy, enhance the national preparedness to EVD and strengthen the capacity for COVID-19 response in Country.

The donated items include medicines for treatment of leprosy, flip top micro centrifuge tubes, blood collection tubes, vacutainer tubes, chlorine, gloves, hand sanitizers and soap; medical waste bin, buckets, plastic aprons; face shields; gloves; sharp boxes; ethanol and biohazard bags among others. The IPC supplies will be useful to prevent healthcare associated infections in 872 healthcare facilities across the country.

In his statement during the handing over of the donated items, the WHO Representative for Liberia Dr. Peter Clement commended the government for demonstrating strong leadership and commitment in maintaining and sustaining the gains made in the fight against COVID-19 and EVD preparedness measures.

“These donations of these much-needed supplies will strengthen the diagnostic capacity for COVID-19 and enhance preparedness towards potential EVD outbreak,” Dr. Clement said.

For her part, the Minister of Health, Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah thanked WHO for supporting the government in strengthening its national response and preparedness efforts for COVID-19 and EVD.

“WHO is not only our advisor but also our provider of essential logistical support to enhance our work through their numerous donations,” Dr. Jallah said.

Dr. Jallah added that the Health Ministry will develop and share a distribution plan to ensure that the population and healthcare workers are protected through the donation of the supplies.

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