Yekeh Kolubah Establishes Opposition Protection Unit 

Representative Yekeh Kolubah of Montserrado County Electoral District Number 10 has announced the establishment of a group self-styled Opposition Protection Unit (OPU) to safeguard opposition figures in the country.

The lawmaker said for now, he is training 1,000 men but has imported 1,200 pieces of vests for use by the group and that they will be recruited nationwide.     

He said the group has already begun training for the protection of the opposition figures, their supporters and innocent citizens. According to him, he has initiated this action because President George Weah has already announced that Liberians should provide protection for themselves. 

“Our political leaders have sent their personal security for the training. I am not afraid of taking gun but we are training our people in self- defense. The vests we have were printed out of the country and we didn’t print them here because we are careful with whom we will deal with because the country is very bad,” he stated on a local radio talkshow. 

He explained: “We are not carrying weapons but rather self defense. We will not allow police to protect us because they are partisans. We will protect our people until the President can retract his statement because he has made us vulnerable. If I have gun, I will say it and nothing can be done to me. But as a statesman elected, I am entitled to a gun. I am an ex-officio to any group that wants to see Ambassador Weah not to be re-elected.”

The lawmaker said members of the opposition won’t take guns to protect their leaders and citizens, but announced that they will be trained and be provided berets and other regalia to others because President George Weah is more concerned about producing music and dancing “Buga” rather than prioritizing the safety and security of the  Liberian people.

“We will train our people not with guns to protect our people. Three weeks from now, we will be inviting the press to come on the beach where we will be training our people in self-defense and how to protect themselves and our political leaders. The people will stand up not with guns. The power is inherent in the people. Come 2023, baboon will divide kola because we will not sit down for y’all to brutalize us again,” he sounded in his usual mood.

The lawmaker had initially vowed to initiate another round of protest in order to petition the US government against corruption and other negatives vices in the country.

The controversial lawmaker also vowed to go nationwide so as to carry out recruitment of citizens to support his cause.

According to him, the protesters won’t hesitate in taking on the police if they intend to disrupt their assembly.

The Montserrado County Electoral District 10 Representative sounded out that it is about now time that the international community, including ECOWAS, African Union and United Nations step in because he thinks the police is serving as a defense force for the ruling party.

He warned that if the international community does not come in now and the unexpected happens, it will be difficult for the protesters to listen.

The controversial lawmaker admonished the Liberia Council of Churches (LCC) to join in the quest to advocate for the Liberian people.

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