Yekeh Loses Ground In Dist 10 As Residents Protest Over His Unruly Behavior Against Minister Ruth Coker Collins

Several residents of Old Road, Montserrado Electoral Dist 10 have reacted sharply over their lawmaker increasing disrespect to woman hood.

Carrying placards with different inscriptions Monday at the Capitol, the women said it is unfortunate that Yekeh, ‘An Ex General,’ will be disrespecting women especially a daughter of Old Road now Public Works Minister designate, Ruth Coker Collins.

‘For us, the insult rained on Minister Collins is not just about her but an insult against the women of Liberia. Culturally, when you insult a girl child you have insulted all women. So yes, the so-called Rep. Kolubah, as traditionally as he thinks of himself, has insulted the women of Liberia,’ a statement they issued said.

They continued ‘Madam Ruth Coker Collins is not just a Minister, she hails from the old road, schooled there and even operated a business there; she is one of us and by extension the daughter of a market woman. Her humility, decency and upbringing are things we are very proud of, Old Road is very proud of this daughter of ours.’

The Old Road residents said in-spite of Madam Collins playing in the market as a kid and now working in government, mothers of Old Road are proud that she did not allow the dusts to hold her down, maintaining the market sent her to school till she ascended to working with the United Nations as well as serving as President, Female Engineering Society of Liberia amongst other high-profile roles. ‘Old Road has over the years made great sons and daughters except this woman abuser Yekeh Kolubah,’ they narrated.

‘We are very ashamed, that a Representative of our district who we supported and campaigned for will choose to denigrate one of the proud daughters of old road in the plenary of the House of Representatives. This is highly regrettable and unacceptable,’ they lamented.

The Old Road residents also frowned on Senator Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence who they say is an ardent supporter of Yekeh’s attitude and call on her to publicly disassociate herself from Yekeh’s attitude.

Calling the Representative ‘Woman Abuser,’ the Old Road residents said they will not support the re-election bid of the lawmaker due to continues outburst and disrespect to woman hood.

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