Youth And Sports Minister Clears The Air On His Participation In The Widely Publicized Book on Weah

The Liberian Youth and Sports Minister is amongst many high profile figures spoken to before the publication of a book on Weah that has since gone viral.

In a statement he said ‘I come to join my voice to the many sound minded and morally conscious personalities who have condemned unequivocally, the reckless, but deliberate and targeted assault on the all-time revered personality of Madam Clar Marie Weah, the First Lady of the Republic of Liberia and the character of His Excellency Dr. George Manneh Weah, the President of the Republic of Liberia. This regrettable shames Liberia and I condemn it.’

He continued ‘The so-called book, “George Weah: The Legend, This Rise to Power” presents a moral failure of the authors whose venture by my account is obviously political. It is a shaming reflection of how far distributed loyalty can crash a promising career and life of excellent potentials. The fact that my name is mentioned in such a diabolical and disgraceful conjecture is regrettable, disappointing and grossly unprofessional.’

The Minister said  attempt to use his name to validate a long held, but hidden vendetta, is deceptive, and a disservice to an unsuspecting enthusiast for intellectualism, a proven loyal and honest friend and Brother of President.

‘I know Emmanuel Clarke as an author and Professor and I know Isaac Vah Turkpa. As a matter of fact, I had a conversation with both of them; driven by my article, ” George Weah: The Patriot I Know.’ This engagement in 2017 was about what it would have taken to promote our friend and Brother in his quest for the Presidency and his many contributions to the National Team, Lone Star as my article chronicled. Beyond that, I am absolutely innocent of the contents of their book,’ he said.

He maintained that the authors used his name without authorization and that has injured his name and that of his family.

‘At about sometime in 2019, President Weah got information about this book and posted in the Cabinet’s Chatroom that some people were writing a book about him that he did not authorized.I immediately called Ivah and asked him whether they got the permission of the President before writing the book? Ivah responded by saying not exactly. He further said we wrote the President and Minister McGill, but we have not gotten any responseI told Ivah well the President has said he did not authorize it and I thought you guys got his approval that’s why I spoke to you both. This being the case please do not put anything in the book about our discussion on his soccer journey and support to the National Team. Ivah responded by saying I respect your position and will do as you have stated, but to the contrary he didn’t,’ Minister Wilson said.

‘Let me reassure the First Lady and President Weah, my Sisters and Brothers, that I stand with you and share your every pain. I like to reassure my wife, daughters and the women of Liberia that at no time and in no manner or form did I ever border my conversation with these authors on the personal and private life of the First Family of Liberia.Let me close by saying that liberty is a delicate and fundamental asset. It is firstly life-based and that it is rights-based. Don’t throw it to the chickens for feed. Once lost, it is lost forever,’ the statement concluded.

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